Quick Back-To-School Styles For Today’s College Girl

September is here, and you all know what that means; it’s back to college, where you’ll be banging out those last two to three years before real life kicks in. As a freshman, you probably got used to having to get up bright and early, leaving the dorms around five minutes before class starts, which gave you only a few second to tame your mane. Bummer right?

girl school photoWell, your pro-stylist has some good news for all you college gals this year; make that morning stress go away by taking a look at these how-to-manage student hairstyles ideas; I think you’re gonna like ‘em.

Less than ten minutes to get to class…

If you literally have about ten minutes to tame your locks, and panic starts to kick in, warm up the straighteners. Grab a hairbrush and a tie and style your hair into a low-slinging ponytail. Once the mane is secure, glide your hair straightener over your ponytail to get the locks looking super smooth. A light spritz of hairspray will flatten the frizz, and Voilà, you’ll be good to go.

Ok, gimme twenty to get ready…

You can pull off a quickie style us pros like to call a “half-up/half-down,” if you have some extra time in the morning to do your hair. It’s a super-simple style that is still in the mainstream. Imagine a top-bun, but with only half the hair pinned up. Just take a comb and section the hair so it is lined up with the arch of your brows. Next, pull the piece to the back of your head and secure in place with a clip. Then, you can either bend your hair into a bun, or you can leave it as if you pulling off a ponytail, but what you’ll be really left with is a half-bun. Think of Selena Gomes’ locks, and you’ll be on the right track. The hair that is left down will look chic and effortless with a tad if “I just got outta out of bed” vibe.

The three minute ‘do…

Finally, if you have only a few minutes to look fabulous in the morning (we’ve all been there), then check this one out. Pull your hair up and away from the face by simply styling the tresses into a topknot/twisted chignon and ‘Boom!’ you’re done. With a quick brush afterwards, and a high ponytail tie, executed by twisting the hair around the base of your new bun to secure it in place, you’re ready to go!


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