Classy Fade Haircuts For Men Return From Beyond!

It seems that men in 2015 are asking pro-stylist more and more about the growing trend in fade haircuts that were made famous in the 80s and 90s. In essence, a stylist executes a fade by clipping the hair short near the neck while increasing the hair’s length going up, steadily.

young male photoHowever, there are many contemporary, 90s-fade-hairstyles that a guy can choose from. The options available will ultimately depend on how much length the client wants his stylist to leave on top.

Let’s look at a few of the most common retro-fade hairstyles tapered for men in 2015 to see if one can work for you….

Princeton A.K.A the Ivy League cut. This fade has 2-3-inch hair length on the top with the sides and back cut semi-short. The extra length allows the stylist to form a cool pompadour from the novel bangs. Applying good salon-style pomade will also give the pompadour a firm hold and some extra-needed shine.

Cesar Fade This cut was the most requested fade among African Americans this year and throughout the 80s. A strong push-forward bang earmarks the hairstyle, which allows the man to sweep his new fringe to the side. A strong-hold hair gel applied to the fringe will keep it from falling over the face.

Temple Fade Brooklynites like the Beastie Boys made the temple fade a household name in New York during the 90s. If you happen to spot a guy with a 2cm tapered fade around the temple with the rest of his locks the same length all around, then you’ll grasp what this cut is all about.

Bald Fade Our boys in the military call this fade a thigh-and-tight because the barber shaves the sides and the back of the scalp, leaving only some “buzz” hair on the top.

Fauxhawk Most men consider the Fauxhawk the high-and-tight’s first cousin because it tampers sharp like a bald fade, but the cut leaves more hair on top for the hairstylist to play with. Men can then choose to shape a David Beckham, Fauxhawk spike with the help of some sculpting gel, which will allow them to stand out in a crowd.

Comb Over Fade The comb-over is an alternative cut for young guys with thinning hair. The client will have to grow his hair longer on top before his appointment so the stylist can subtly comb over on the side part or slick the hair back. The fade occurs between the comb over and the shorter hairs from the sides and from behind the head.

High-Top Fade This is another popular 90s cut that’s making its way back into the mainstream. Think Will Smith as the Fresh Prince of Bell Air with his sides cut short of the hairline and tapered up to about 2-5 inches, and you’ll know what I am talking about.


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