Hair Styles in the News – March 29 2013

The right hair style and color can amp up your most flattering features and play down those that are less than perfect. Finding the right look can help you leave a positive impression wherever you go but it takes some research and serious thought. A number of celebrities regularly push the boundaries when it comes to hair styles and color, which has inspired countless commoners to lop or dye their own strands. Experimenting with all the trendy possibilities to find what works is perhaps the best way to find your own A-List hair.

English: Nicki Minaj live on Femme Fatale Tour...
English: Nicki Minaj live on Femme Fatale Tour in 2011. Português: Nicki Minaj ao vivo na turnê Femme Fatale Tour em 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beyoncé recently appeared wearing bleached out blonde hair that got everyone’s attention, topping off her new look with bright red lipstick. The final result is eye-catching and definitely thought-provoking for those who idolize her, but not everyone can get away with seriously bleached out locks. Choosing the right hairstylist to do a major color change like hers is absolutely necessary to get results that look as good as Beyoncé’s.

After ditching her hair and make-up crew recently, Nicki Minaj sported a similarly bleached out hair style that surprised fans who are used to more radical dreads. Minaj wants to be taken more seriously as a hip-hop artist and so, in an effort to create an entirely new look, she put together a novel glam squad with a slightly more conservative edge. There will be no more Kool-Aid colored locks for her, at least according to some sources.

Miley Cyrus has been exploring daring new boundaries with her hair style, going shorter and sportier as time passes. She recently lopped off her long hair for a pixie cut and went blonde, but at the beginning of March tried out the “platinum” look. Fans were seeing blue, but she corrected them by tweeting on March 4th, 2013 that, “My hurrr ain’t blue. That s—ts PLATINUM.”

Though admittedly, Miley Cyrus has a distinctly blu-ish hue to her hair, Katy Perry is currently pushing the limits on blue locks herself. Shortly after breaking up with husband Russell Brand, the pop star was spotted with what some described as “blueberry” colored hair. Her goal was to strike a balance between “crazy and mature”. The final result was sleek and expressive and though fans were somewhat shocked by the change, Perry seems to be wearing her bold new color with confidence.

If you decide to express yourself like Katy Perry or go for a bombshell bleached-out look this season, keep in mind that straight hair is back in style and try to put together a color and style package that best fits your image and facial features. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be bold this season. If you decide to use eccentric hair colors to express yourself you certainly won’t be alone.