Hair Extensions for Men – Oklahoma City

Hair Extensions for a Guy?

Think of hair extensions and long flowing beautiful and womanly hair comes to mind. That’s nice and all! Probably what most people visualize when they think of hair extensions, but did you know that hair extensions are also used by the guys? Yes, and I am talking about the manly guys, the ones who wouldn’t set foot in a dress shop.

Akseli Kokkonen
Akseli Kokkonen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s right, even some Football players wear great hair extensions. Which Football players? Well, the hair extensions used by celebrity Football players are so well made they look totally natural. The only person who could tell you which of them use extensions is their hairdresser – and he or she isn’t going to divulge that information – that’s client-hairdresser confidentiality.

But if celebrity Football players are wearing them, then that proves hair extensions are not just for women, but they can be a guy thing too. Truth is, hair extensions offer a solution to male pattern baldness. These can be either a temporary or permanent solution to a hair thinning issue, at least until you find the right treatment to stop the thinning. Even then, some guys choose hair extensions as a permanent solution to their existing hair thinning problem (too often, you can’t replace the hair you’ve already lost.)

The Embarrassment

You might feel a bit embarrassed to head over to a hair salon to ask for hair extensions, but you may not feel as shy about it, when you realize that other guys are doing the same thing. Hair extensions can hide your balding spots and thinning hair.

What if I’m Not Balding?

Even if balding isn’t an issue, you might want a bit of a change, a different hair length or maybe a new color. With hair extensions you can get this change without needing to change your hair color or make other permanent hair changes.

Where Can I Get Them?

Your stylist can get them for you, or she may advise you to pick them up at a particular local or online store in advance of your appointment.

How Much Do They cost?

Hair extensions vary in price, depending on the quality of the hair (how real they look), the number of strands that come on the extension, how they are attached, whether it’s a full head of hair, and the color. Needless, to say quality made extensions, the kind that resemble your own hair are not inexpensive. You can expect nice hair extensions (with labor) to cost between $500 to $1,000 and these should last about 4 to 5 months. While this may sound like a lot, it is an effective way of giving you back your self confidence and hiding the problem, allowing you to look for a more permanent solution (surgery or specialized treatment). Contact the stylist for an exact price for you. There’s usually an initial (free) consultation in any professional salon, in order to determine and advise the best solutions for your head.

Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with a guy wanting to wear hair extensions. It doesn’t emasculate you. It just means you care about your physical appearance. And what modern guy doesn’t pay attention to his skin, hair, nails and dress? To find quality hair extensions, look online or consult with your hairstylist. Don’t be shy! Just keep in mind that even the Football jocks are choosing this as a reliable option to cover their hair thinning problem.