Beautiful Bouffants at the Oscars – Oklahoma City Hairstyles

The 2013 Academy Awards was an exciting evening of talent, fashions, and hairstyles. Many celebrities wore their hair in long luxurious styles. Two of the styles which stood out in this evening of stars were worn by Adele and Maria Menounos. These lovely ladies wore their hair styled in sixties inspired bouffants. The bouffant has made a comeback in recent years and is one of the most feminine styles which looks good on almost every woman.
Become Gorgeous

Adele wore her hair in a half updo bouffant with long middle part bangs framing her lovely face. You can get this style by backcombing the crown area of your hair and then gathering up the top half of your hair into a mid-level ponytail. For extra glamor use a pretty hair clip to keep the ponytail in place. Use a flat iron to smooth your bangs, and add waves or curls to the rest of your hair with either a curling iron or hot rollers.
Become Gorgeous

Maria Menounos’ hair was worn brushed back and held in place with a small strand of hair acting as a hairband. The secret to this look is also backcombing. Backcomb the roots of your hair and use a natural bristle brush to smooth the top of your hair. Pull a small strand of hair from the side and pin it across the front to form a headband.

To get the maximum amount of volume, use a volumizing mousse while blow drying your hair with a large barrel brush. Flip your head over and concentrate the flow of the blow dryer on your roots until they are dry and then when you flip your hair back over you will have lots of volume. In order to get the most volume from backcombing take small sections of hair and using a small teeth comb, comb toward your scalp. The more you backcomb, the more volume you will get. Spray your hair with lots of hairspray to keep everything in place and you will have red carpet worthy hair.

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