Hairstyles in the News November 1, 2010

Celebrity hairstyles continue to catch our attention and this week is no exception. A budding young designer was booted off a popular reality show, and while he is not technically a celebrity the popularity of Project Runway brings him into the spotlight this week. Cher proves she’s as edgy as ever and Taylor Swift is the model of beauty.
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Mondo Guerra, the most recent finalist on Project Runway to be kicked off, is sporting a unique style with large curls on the crown of his short cut. While designers can get away with this extreme look, you may not be able to in the board room, but it is very daring and shows a large amount of personal style.,0,2132875.story

Jaden and Willow Smith, the very chic children of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, were spotted this week looking as fabulous as every. Jaden has his hair in a neat braided style while Willow mixes it up with a poofy curl and short sides. Willow’s video, I Whip My Hair, has been a sensation since its release a few weeks ago. Both of these young people know fashion is for fun and show their creative style every time they show up on camera.

In this photo Katy Perry shows us what colored hair extensions can do to give spark and unexpected color to a style. Extensions come in a wide variety of colors and textures. These pink and blue extensions look striking against Katy’s dark brunette locks.

Taylor Swift is seen here with long blonde curls that go from honey blonde to lighter golden blonde. This color variation is becoming popular with celebrities. You can have this graduated color with any hair color. Ask your stylist for a color consultation.

Cher has always been known for her outrageous costumes and iconic black hair. At the 2010 MTV Music Awards, perhaps her voluminous curls are just a bit of too much of a good thing. Cher is consumed in her curls and she would look better with a bit of a toned down volume, but true to form Cher takes her look to the extreme.

Perhaps you’ve seen a look this week that you’d like to try out. We’ve seen the wild and the beautiful. While you may not want to wear an exact style you’ve seen this week, your stylist can help you find a celebrity style that will match your face shape and lifestyle. Next week we’ll return to see what the celebrities are up to and what trends they are setting.

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Personal Benefits of Getting Hair Extensions

Why should you get hair extensions? There are many reasons people get hair extensions.

Celebrities use hair extensions regularly even in movies as well as off screen. Many famous people have been seen sporting new hairstyles using extensions.

Mariah Carey and Robert De Niro at the premier...
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They are ideal for those who have hair that does not grow fast or properly. Hair extensions are also a good option for people who experience thinning hair or balding. This is also a way for many people to have thick and long hair.

There are also personal benefits that a person has psychologically after improving appearance with extensions. When a person is happy with the way the way he or she looks, self confidence is given a boost. Having more hair offers a younger look.

Many women have hair extension applied for longer hair in order to have many different hairstyles. Hair extensions also allow damaged hair to be repaired.

Another benefit is that hair extensions are available in many different colors that will look natural and blend in perfectly with your own hair. Hair extensions are also available in many lengths to choose from.

People who have straight hair can add extensions that add curls or waves. This style is easy to care of even though curls and waves are added.

Prices will vary based on the type as well as the length. Texture will also play a part. Extensions which use natural hair over synthetic hair are more costly but are the recommended type to have. Application of hair extensions should be performed by trained professional hair stylists.

Regardless of the type chosen, you will have flexibility with hairstyles for various occasions. You will feel more confident and like how you look.