Women: Bring Your Man to the Hair Salon!

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It’s all about the hair! Women should bring their men to the hair salon when they are thrilled with the service received from the hairstylist. She can bring her man in for the service and expect the same results.

While some men use a barber for a quick cut and male bonding, they don’t see barbers as hair stylists; hair salons offer services that the typical barber doesn’t. The old-fashioned barber shop is also going the way of the dinosaur. Hot lather machines, straight razor, and a leather razor strap are things of the past.

That long line of waiting is gone, too, reading pieces of a newspaper and Field and Stream while 3 other guys go before you, and you munch on stale popcorn. Do you really miss it? One benefit of a full salon is appointments with no waiting. You can even make a dual-appointment for husband and wife.

Salons offer hair highlights, hair coloring, hair care tips, and yes, good coffee and tea (often), pedicures and manicures (helping men look professional), waxing (men definitely need it too!), and consultations on thinning hair (the barber just slaps on some ointment, pats your face, and turns you loose). Salon stylists pursue continuous training in the latest trends and can offer advice for a more fashionable look and products to achieve the look.

While men may look dapper in a great outfit, a haircut can make or break the look. A good hairstyle costs a little more than 20minutes in the barber’s chair, but it retains shape longer and is one the focal points people will notice first about you. It’s your resume written in personal appearance.

So next time, make two appointments! Get your man in the stylist’s chair, make it a family event (bring the kids, too), and come away looking fantastic as a team. You’ll get more time together, and expose your loved ones to new options for an incredible appearance.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.

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