Smooth and Tailored is In for Mens Hair

The Bed Head has been popular with men for about 10 years and the long shaggy skater look is still going strong in young men. Now a return to more traditional hairstyles is started to emerge. Fueled by the popularity of the hit TV show Mad Men, the styles of the 1950’s are making a comeback. Recently celebrities like Zac Effron, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken have been spotted with shorter more tailored styles.

Unlike the pomades and brilliantine’s of old, the styling products of today are much lighter and easier on your hair. Avoid heavy, oily styling products and opt for lighter ones that will give you hold and won’t weight your hair down or make it look and feel greasy. Your stylist can help you to choose products that will fit your style and hair type.

One of your best styling accessories will be a comb. Choose a comb that has rounded teeth to prevent scalp irritation and damage. The classic pocket comb is perfect to take along to keep your style looking neat and polished. A natural boar bristle brush will also help you to keep your hair smooth and in place. Use a shampoo and conditioner to match your hair type and keep up on your trims. Your stylist is your best resource to find products, styling tools and to keep your new style looking its best. Go smooth and neat and ring in the New Year with a new sleek and smooth look.

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