Hairstyles in the New December 20, 2010

In this Holiday edition of Hairstyles in the News we’ll see some festive styles and new looks for celebrities. Celebrities continue to influence and set trends and as 2011 approaches this will still be business as usual. Take a look at this week’s looks and see if there is one that you want to try out for your next holiday party.
Style Bistro
Style Bistro

Jessica Stroup and Jessica Stam have two different looks at the Charity Ball 2010. Jessica Stroup is decked out in a tailored man’s look with her short hairslicked back and wavy, while Jessica Stam is looking very feminine in a look style that shows off her blond hair and layers. Either look is a great one for parties and is easy to achieve with a bit of product and finger waving.

Taylor Swift has her bob in soft waves for a recent event. To get this look use a curling iron to shape your curls, spritz with holdingspray and you’re ready for the night. Taylor has the ends of her hair pinned in place, but you can wear your loose if a free messy look.
Style Bistro

Kate Hudson has her styled in two french braids on each side of her head that meet into a soft bun. This style will stay looking good while you party the night away and is easy to do. Your stylist can help you with the braiding and the bun if you aren’t experienced in french braids.
Style Bistro

Rachel McAdams uses a single braid to make a bold statement. Her naturally wavy hair is teased at the crown to give it some height and then braided down her back. This look is polished yet messy for a lovely holiday look.
Style Bistro

Braids seems to be theme this season and Christina Aguilera takes it to another level with her Heidi inspired braid. She adds some pink extensions to give her style some color. This is a cute look for parties and special nights out this holiday season.

Marley Shelton taps into the 40’s retro look with soft waves and vintage makeup. The emphasis is on her long blond locks and her heavy eyeliner and apricot lipstick are reminiscent of the War-ear looks. This is a lovely feminine look for any party.

This holiday season try out one of our celebrity looks. Your stylist can help you to find one that is right for your face shape and lifestyle. Let her style your hair so that you have one less detail to worry about and you can relax and enjoy the festivities. May you and yours have a safe and fun Holiday and a very Happy New Year!

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