Scalp Care Tips For Men

Scalp Care Tips For Men

Hair is basically a non-living protein which has no reparative properties.  However, the scalp is very much alive.  Since the scalp is the root of the hairs existence, it is safe to say that a healthy scalp leads to healthier hair.

A double cowlick with two counter-rotating spi...
A double cowlick with two counter-rotating spirals. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Understanding the function of the scalp can help in keeping it healthy.  The outer layer of the skin cells acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss and disease causing organisms from penetrating into the scalp.  A natural oil called sebum is secreted from the hair follicles which forms a layer of protection.

Avoiding problems with dry scalp is important.  Excessive hot air from blow drying can cause the scalp to dry along with shampooing in extremely hot water.  The sun, as well as chemicals from products are also a catalyst to dry scalp problems because they remove the necessary oils produced by the skin of the scalp.  Dry scalp can be very irritating and could lead to having more damage done from scratching the scalp when it is itchy.  A good leave in conditioner or oil treatments can help aid in replacing lost moisture.

Sometimes the problem may be a too oily scalp, which means there is an overproduction of sebum.  Using a balanced formula shampoo should help with combating the extra oil.

Daily washing and keeping the scalp clean reduces clogged pores.  One good wash a day with a gentle shampoo by working to clean the scalp and hair is sufficient.  Along with keeping a clean scalp, a weekly exfoliation using a gentle face scrub can also be lightly applied during a gentle shampoo so that dead skin cells and excess dirt are removed.

Massaging the scalp is important because it promotes a good flow of blood to the scalp and keeps it flexible.  Massaging the scalp will also comfort, sooth and relax nerves.  Placing the fingertips under the hair will keep the hair from being pulled.  Weekly scalp massages using the fingertips in a circular motion does wonders for scalp health and feels wonderful too.  Your head will thank you for a 5 minute scalp massage.

Scalp health can be affected by a variety of things, hereditary symptoms of too much oil or too much dryness, hormonal changes, a poor diet or poor hygiene are just a few causes.  Using some of the tips above can help men have a healthy scalp.