The most anticipated hair trends for 2013 – Oklahoma City Salon

Winter may be creeping up on us with a vengeance, but as we know, the fashion world is always looking forward to the next season. The fall shows have come and gone, and we’ve had an insight into
not only what clothes will make the spring statement, but also the hairstyles.

The Padawan Braid
The Padawan Braid (Photo credit: wizzer2801)

Sometimes, the styles crafted onto catwalk models do not easily translate to ‘wearability’ for every day wear, but there were more than enough clues as to what are the anticipated trends for 2013 are.

Long flowing locks will remain on trend in 2013, but there’s even greater emphasis on the multitude of ways of dressing them. Hair stylists will be taking inspiration from the catwalk to find even more ways to create a ponytail – expect more that are generally lower and broader.

Knots too will continue to feature, from the simple upsweep to fancy twists and intricately woven creations. If you thought there was but a limited way to fashion a hair knot, think again. Stylists working for all the major designers at the fall shows featured their updated version of the classic knot. From ultra sleek to sculptured wonders, the knot comes of age in 2013.

Braids will also gain some attention with crisscross plaiting being an update on the traditional favorite. Braided sections add a dimension to simple, ultra-straight hair, and multi-braids in different directions are going to make a stand-out statement. For a bang-up-to-minute look, a low ponytail held in place by uber-thin braids is going to be hard to beat.

Slick is back too, but in less dramatic fashion than in spring 2012. Slick for 2013 is a watered down
version of the ‘just out the ocean’ look, with an emphasis on sleek and shiny, rather than drenched.

The current trend that shows no signs of fading out in 2013 is for hair accessories. For all lengths of hair, all types and all colors, the range of accessories and hair decorations just continues to blossom. For day and evening wear, inspiration comes from all quarters to create an accessory that is either practical to hold a style in place, or makes a defining statement. There’s an embarrassment of riches to keep those ponytails, upsweeps, knots and braids in place