Anime Hair Is Taking The World By Storm

There’s no disputing how anime has affected hair fashion for young adults.

marimoon versão anime/mangá
Image by marimoon via Flickr

From hair colors that were previously unimaginable to have in public, to styles that were never before attempted, anime style hair has completely changed preconceptions about what we can and can’t do with hair.

Bright, loud colors are the name of the game in going with an anime look. A bright, light pink or blueberry blue go a long way to establishing a whole new look, even if you keep the same hairstyle.

The hairstyles themselves can range from tight bobs and pixy styles to almost porcupine-like spikes — the styles are nearly endless. Most require thick hair, but a more traditional anime style cut can be done with thin hair and still look fantastic.

It’s important to choose a style that forms well with your face. You may want one just like your favorite character, but that exact style might not turn out as well as you hope. Luckily, it’s possible to work with your hair to get a style that’s close to your favorite, no matter the facial type. The key is getting an experienced stylist who is adventurous and comfortable with hair styles based on anime.

You don’t need a mirror-image hairstyle to look just like who you want. Even if your style is close but not quite the same, you and anyone who is familiar with the character you’re trying to emulate will be able to tell. That’s one of the great things about anime hair.

The best thing about going with an anime style look is that you will look unique almost anywhere you go. And if you’re heading to a convention, a professionally done style will really make you stand out from all of those who did theirs at home.

If you want to make your hair up to look like your favorite anime character for whatever reason, or just get an anime style that really contributes to your face shape, a quick consultation will get you on the road to an accurate recreation or style. Call for a consultation with Anastasia to see if your favorite anime hairstyle would work for you.

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