Classic Mens Hairstyles Are Back

Men need to be just as aware of their appearances as women, and 2009 is seeing a revival of classic men’s hairstyles that should seriously be given consideration.

A study in hairstyle / self-portrait from 1952
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No matter whether you’re a wild boy at heart or the more laid back type, there are popular hairstyles that will fit your look and your lifestyle.

The slicked-back look is as stylish and as sophisticated as ever. Being possibly the easiest style to obtain and definitely the sleekest, slicking the hair back has been a staple of black tie affairs for years. But in 2009, the style has seen a revival in more casual situations as well. The one drawback is that slicking your hair back makes your face look larger, which is the last thing anyone with a round or pudgy face needs.

An alternative to the above may very well be the opposite: a parted hairstyle.

Parting your hair is incredibly versatile and it’s possible to change your entire look on a whim simply by combing the part in a different area. Additionally, the style works with a wide variety of hair lengths so your look will not worsen as it grows out.

If neither of those hairstyles fits how you see yourself, a more casual style, with bangs, should be appetizing. Bangs is a style that is layered from the back all the way to the front with your bangs to the side or in your face. It is much less easy to take care of than the possibilities above, but it is very good looking and works with most facial features and shapes.

It can be difficult to determine which style will look best with your face. Call and make an appointment for a consultation and we can find a style that will flatter all your best features and make you the best looking man you can be.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City. Out of town appointments welcome.

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