Hair Extensions Explained – Oklahoma City

Hair extensions are not only the fastest way to get your hair to its desired length, but also a fantastic method of changing your look entirely.

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But not all extensions are equal. The material and even the method of application should be decided upon depending on your lifestyle and hair type. Even the highest quality extensions can be rendered useless if the attachment method is wrong, and even the best application cannot make up for low quality extensions. They must work together to make you look your best.

Should You Get Human Hair Extensions or Synthetic?

Deciding between human hair or synthetic extensions seems a lot more difficult than it really is. The only reason to choose synthetic over human hair is the price, which is directly related to the quality of the extensions themselves.

Synthetics often look unnatural on the head in comparison with your real hair, which can lead to some embarrassing situations. Additionally, synthetic hair extensions are much heavier than natural hair, which can cause excruciating neck pain after a couple of weeks of wear.

Human hair extensions may be the more expensive choice, but the price is worth it. Human hair gives a natural flow that synthetic just can’t provide and if you get the right hair type and color, it will be indistinguishable from your real hair. The point of extensions is to make your hair look naturally longer and fuller, which human hair extensions do much better than synthetic.

What Are the Benefits of Sew-In Extensions?

Sew-in extensions are the only application method that uses absolutely no hair-damaging chemicals, which is a definite plus for some. The extensions are essentially braided into the hair under the upper layer, which can make the hair look fuller for those with thick or curly hair. Someone looking to keep their hair as healthy as possible would be better off looking at sew-in extensions.

But sew-in extensions are not perfect. The braids can become visible in windy situations, and people with thin hair will have a hair time hiding them at all.

What Are the Benefits of Glue-In Extensions?

Having your hair extensions glued-in can damage your hair, but they take less time to apply than sew-ins and they can be the most cost-effective method. Glue-in extensions also look natural since they are not bunched in any areas and just flow, but the real downside is that they do not last very long. Some glue-ins will only last a couple of weeks if done improperly. But someone with time or money constraints will find glue-ins to be their best choice.

What Are the Benefits on Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion extensions use silicon instead of glue. They are more expensive but they can last up to 3-4 months. The life and the natural look make it worth it.

Deciding on whether you get synthetic or human hair is your choice, as is the application method. But not getting the highest quality extensions you can now will cost you more later.