Pro-Stylist Hints For Longer, Shiner Locks

Sometimes folks get a little Jessica Alba-Mila Kunis hair envy after eyeballing their long, lustrous, bouncy manes, which usually promotes the response, “I want that too!” Growing healthy, long locks can be reasonably complicated to do. But, you can stop losing your sleep now because we’re gonna share with you gals some pro-stylist hints that will help you develop the long, healthy hair you always yearned for.

Hint #1

long hair photo
Photo by 21TonGiant

First off, let’s talk about a quick-cheat solution for acquiring long shiny locks fast–just have your stylist clip in some hair extensions. Hair extensions are no more damaging to the tresses than is tying your hair back into a high ponytail. What’s more, wearing hair extensions will mean less hair styling at home. You can wear your hair extensions super straight, and you’ll immediately notice the mane looking longer. Then again, curling the middle of the hair extensions can add more body and bounce while leaving the roots and ends vertical, which displays a tight finale.

Hint #2

Remember grandma saying, “brush your hair 100 strokes every night”? Well, it seems that she was right. When brush bristles make contact with your scalp, they excite the blood flow that then works to ignite faster hair growth! The key to brushing properly is to apply only natural brushes to the scalp because they are super gentle; metal and synthetic varieties can stun growth by damaging the hair. Alternatively, scalp massagers can work too.

Hint #3

Shampoo less and hydrate more. You got it! Did you know shampooing your hair every day is terribly detrimental to your mane? It steals your hair’s biological oils, which act as a built-in conditioner for the scalp and work to battle split-ends from forming. Remember that less hair damage means fewer salon visits for repair! We recommend avoiding the daily wash, and sticking to shampooing the mane only once or twice a week (OMG!), and when you do wash, use a gentle shampoo.

Also, don’t forget about hydration; adding conditioning therapies is an essential part to growing lengthy, strong hair. Another tip is to comb through your hair while the conditioner is still in; this will prevent knots from forming.

Hint #4

Shine and glow must participate into the mix at some point in the process. So, we suggest that you drench your tresses in cold water before you get out of the shower. Ouch! You see, cold water succeeds in brainwashing the scalp to close the hair cuticles quickly. Closed cuticles seal in the hydration for producing smoother and shiner tresses.

Hint #5

Be cool with the hot styling tools. Only blow-dry or straighten the mane just a few times a week. Heat damage is the major perpetrator in producing dehydrated, frizzy-dead locks. And remember, when you use your hairdryer, try to keep its nozzle around six inches from your hair to prevent overheating and breakage. When using hair straighteners, apply a good heat-protect product and make sure you adjust the device to a low or medium heat setting.


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