Pro-Style Lessons For Gals With Curly Hair

Some clients complain that their curly hair is too uncontrollable and difficult to manage. Struggling to tame your mane doesn’t have to be a hassle. Let’s check out some wavy hair pro-tips that can definitely make handling those curly tresses a whole lot easier.


curly hair photo
Photo by …love Maegan

First, stop drying your hair with a towel, and break out one of those old t-shirt that you don’t use anymore. Now, you may think that this advice is a stylists’ way of making a joke, but seriously–dry you wet curly hair with a T-shirt. Using this instead of a towel will greatly reduce the frizz, and it will limit the split ends that rough towels always seem to inflict on the swirls, too. But keep in mind, T-shirts aren’t going to soak up as much water as a towel does; so, be sure to pinch your hair lightly to get rid of any excess H20, before leaving the mirror.


You know, most folks have never heard of a relax-bathe, but it is a must-know for anyone who owns tight curls. Relax-bathing just means washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Now, you may be thinking that doing this would be a like inviting a disaster to happen! But give it a try. Curly hair longs for moisture, and good relax-bath hands over exactly what it needs.

Pineapple Bun Drying

Have you ever seen your curly hair fall flat after it becomes completely dry? Don’t let your wet swirls hang loose while waiting for them to dry. Tying your curls up in a baggy bun will really help in the long run (think of a pineapple on the top of your head). A good pineapple lift will put those out-of-control ends in check, and the wet loose bun will help seal in the moisture as well.


Like we said before, hydration is the main thing that all curls crave; anyone with curly hair knows this. That’s why it’s important to give the waves some well-deserved attention by applying both a pro-hair mask and leave-in conditioner all in one shot. And remember, the longer you leave it in, the better. This treatment-combo should be applied at home at least twice a month. Your waves will thank you for the moisture overload you give them later.


Curly locks require gentle brushing to steer clear of any needless fissure or tangled knots; this is where pro-tangle-teasers or large-tooth combs come into play. These two items are the gentlest brushes that a gal with curls can use on her hair. Oh, and don’t forget to brush beginning at the ends heading up. Trust me; you’ll be happy you did that!


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