Hairstyles That Make Hats Come Alive

Let be realistic; today’s in-vogue women just love to wear hats. Whether its complementing a trendy wardrobe, struggling to cover up a bad hair day or only trying to keep the noggin warm, baseball caps, beanies and small chapels are in; so we thought we’d offer you gals some advice on how to pull off an awesome hat hairstyle. You do need to have some fantastic-looking locks to take advantage of the latest hat trends and to give your hat-look a little attitude. Anyhow, let’s check out a few hat hair practices…

Is it cold out there?

woman with hat photoThe beanie is most likely going to be the ‘go to’ hat for gals who love to keep warm in the winter months. Beanies are terrifically informal, yet they can emerge wonderfully stylish, if matched with the right hairstyle and with the correct accessories. Just look at how Reese Witherspoon and Madonna add glamour to her snow caps by curling her blonde tresses for turning on their chic-vibes. However, a gal can also keep her guise super casual by letting hair fall naturally straight down from the beanie, which gives off a more laid-back expression.

Let’s go out to the ballgame, or not?

The limelight shines in a crowded room when a woman knows how to wear her baseball cap properly. These hats are a hot trend at the moment, and we’re sure that you’re feeling it too! Today’s gal wears her baseball cap in both casual settings or on nights out with the girls. Because the cap is super versatile (worn forwards or backwards), its counterpart chic-hairstyle should also be splendidly unsophisticated. This means going for straight hair or maybe flaunting some fat, thick braids. Ask your stylist about which super-simple hairstyle would work best for your baseball cap theme; and one more thing, baseball-cap-hair is very easy to reconstruct at home, which means that you can be out the door in a matter of minutes.

Shall we go to the park?

With winter drawing closer we’ll begin to see a lot of women wearing those, wide-brimmed, winter hats. This bonnet is a must-have attachment when going for a modish-look, and we think the hair that balances this chapel should look super chic too. You’ll have to become a little fancy when sporting wide-brimmed hats, since the outfits that accompany them usually possess a more alluring attitude. Think super-elegant, brushed-out waves or soft and silky curls to send out an effortless vibe. The casual girl can also try a superbly-neat side braid a la’ Kim Kardashain. Just make sure that you pull down a couple of locks to shape your face and to fashion in a natural, boho look.


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