Novel Cuts For Your Fall Image

We’re all sad to see summer go, but the changing of seasons is a wink for us pro-stylist to start getting ready fall’s arrival. Not only are there thousands of teens and college kids preparing to make a fashion statement when school starts, but there are also a bunch of working women out there who will embrace the new season as an opportunity to change their image.

hair photo
Photo by Daddy-David

Most modernly-vogue gals know that the easiest way to overhaul their appearance is to dial up their favorite salon and schedule a new hair-makeover. That’s where we come in because as professionals, we need to get it right.

So, where do us pros go to discover which chic-styles are trending for the fall and which have faded out? We simply look at celebrity hair experiments for the new season. This arms the pro-stylist with the knowledge of “what’s-in,” if their client ever sits in the chair mystified at what they should do.

The Longer Lob

Folks saw Jessica Alba rocking longer locks with extra flow at last week’s NYFW. Alba was probably one those gals who worshiped their lobs but hated that the cut required way too much work to keep up. The longer lob allows women to forget about those early-morning blow-drys and bi-weekly, salon trimming visits. This clever cut works for just about everyone.

The Mixie

A super-short style does not have to look hard-line any more–Mia Farrow’s mixie (mid-size pixie) is flexible, touchable, and absolutely feminine. To become a candidate for this look you will need to own a fine-to-normal mane with straight or slightly-wavy locks. Also, keep in mind that cutting the hair with a razor, instead of using traditional clippers, will offer a softer profile.

The Extended Pixie

Michelle Williams went bold with her long pixie at this year’s Emmy awards. This fall-fad undercut is more playful and textured than the traditional pixie, which is why an extended pixie will require scheduling some maintenance appointments and purchasing a few styling products.

The Latest Shag

Taylor Swift brought her tresses into the mainstream at the MTV-VMA’s last month. Although the length on this cut may appear like a lob, it’s far from it. The latest shag owns an superfluous edgy-texture that the Huntington Post labeled “effortlessly cool”. Just know that this cut is all about attitude, and what makes it so popular is that clients can use their hands to style their shag at home. The image compliments those killer hats and 70s bell-bottom jeans as well.

The Wavy A-Line Lob

Last, but not least; let’s take a quick look at Selena Gomez’s texture management on her fall mane. Yes girls; the naturally-wavy can transition to a shorter style. An A-line chop at the salon will leave you with longer strands in the front and will keep those gorgeous curls just below shoulder length. Also, trust me when I say that this trendy lob will help a gal with swirls get through some humid days in the fall.


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