Poker-Straight Hair Makes A Comeback

This season’s autumn catwalks sported a collection of fantastic innovative hair trends, and the new season also saw a return of poker-straight hair with center partings, which we believe are going to be the next must-have cuts going into the winter season.

Gals with straight hair can be the envy of the party, having said that, it looks like the 90s-style, poker-straight hair will be the remedy for 2016 hair straightening. Whether the silky tresses are slicked back into a ponytail with no wisps of hair showing or parted in the middle and worn loose, poker-straight hair is super easy to pull off.

hair photoTake a look at what the stars are doing…

Katie Holmes’ middle-parted, straight hair may work for you; but for women with longer manes, maybe a Nicole Kidman side part is the way to go. This cut works well because it will allow you to sway your pony over the shoulder so it stands out. If you feel like sporting a slightly dressier Jay-Lo feel, the slicked-back ponytail will always flaunt that “red-carpet” appeal.

Poker-straight hair is the easiest cut to maintain at home…

The key to keeping poker-straight hair for weeks on end after leaving the chair is all in the homework. Before you hit the blow-dryer, apply a smoothing product, and make sure that you dry your hair as straight as possible by positioning the hot air in a downward path. Also, avoid the easy way out by tilting your head upside down and gusting out hot air every which way but loose. The straighter and silkier you get your hair at this first phase, the better the other stages will perform.

After your hair is dry, you’ll need to smooth it with an ion straightening iron. Now, you SHOULD NOT use it everyday, and when you do use it, make sure that you apply a heat-styling defense cream, beforehand, so that you do not damage to your hair cuticles.

Next up, use a comb to even out the locks as you go when straightening sections of the hair with the iron. Once all your sections are without waves, you can then decide what to do with those loose strands. HINT: don’t forget to give the back of your head and the strands underneath equal attention, as these sections will curl up if not given the same straightening care as the front sections.

Staying away from the frizz….

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow know that just because the poker-straight tresses are lacking waves, it doesn’t make them frizz-free. This means that your new look will require plenty of anti-frizzing product after the shower. Your stylist can help you choose the serum that will work best for your poker-straight look. Just remember–those smooth locks won’t stay exceptionally silky for long if you’re frequently frying them without protection.


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