Late 2015 Hairstyle Trends For Modern Men

These days, men are investing more and more in their hairstyles, and its not just about the amount of time they spend putting it all together before leaving the house; we’re talking about the styles in which they choose. We looked at silver foxes last week, so, we think that it’s only fair now to throw out some expert grooming advice to all guys, both young and middle-age, on what’s currently trending in late 2015 on the east and west coasts.

men haircut photo
Photo by thcsarchive

Young Men: The Quiff and Man-Bangs

Justin Beiber and Zac Efron aren’t the only guys who can pull off wearing these cuts. We found that the demand for a man-bang or a quiif cut really depends on the guy’s mood at the time he sits in the chair. The quiif is so versatile that a man can choose to wear it either up or down, or push the quiff somewhere above or in the middle of the forehead to create the perfect man-bang.

Just so you know…the days of neat side parts and perfectly combed quiffs have already left us, so keep your style jagged, but also natural too. If at all possible, make sure the man-bang’s segment is about 4-5 inches long and that the sides are around one-half to three-quarter-inches in length. Your stylist will most likely blend in the fade close to the sides, which means that young men can sport softer textures that look more natural and not ‘greased back.’

Young Adults: Curls and More Curls

Owning curly hair is actually more a gift that it is a burden. Having said that, we bet that at some stage in a man’s “wavy hair” life, he has either straightened his tresses or decided to buzz them off, only because he wasn’t fond of his natural curls. Well the good news for you guys is that curly hair is back in the mainstream.

Most professionals believe in staying with what a client naturally possesses. This means that pro-stylists own the expertise to advise men about the cuts and curl-styles that will work best on their face shape. Another plus about owning curls is you can achieve effortless styles with your natural waves by only using a little hair product. To recap…curls are in…plus…low investments in gel, shampoos and conditioners; so, why not just go ahead and let the locks grow?

Older Men: The James Bond

Most middle age men think of ‘James Bond’ when they imagine elegant style. However, even if you are guy who drives around in luxurious cars and who flaunts expensive, quality attire; what can be your biggest downfall is in your haircut. HINT – don’t allow your aura to slide here.

What we are trying to say is that middle-age men should never go for one of those inexpensive buzz haircuts just because it’s an easy option. Fade haircuts are sometimes not tapered properly on the sides, and occasionally, they are too dull, all of which is a red-flag that the “Bond” guy got a bad haircut. Ask your pro-stylist about the cut that will best match the contours of your face, and just a head’s up…the Bond cut doesn’t have to be something excessively extreme or rowdy.


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