Pro-Style Tips For The Dapper Sliver Fox

Maybe you’re getting stylishly older, or it could be that the stars have blessed you with a healthy gray mane in your 30s. Whichever notable silver fox category you fall into, we just want you to know that the gray hair you own should stay.

Of course, some men may think that silver hair tells others that life is taking a hold of them; but that is not really true, gray hair is really a symbol of one’s astute and firmness in this dog-eat-dog world we live in. An authentic silver fox style shows others that he’s been around the block weathering the worst, and now, he’s at the top of his game. So, we thought we’d give the older men out there some tips this week on how to truly flaunt and own their wonderful gray tresses.

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Believe it or not, most silver foxes manage to achieve a trendy, well-dressed look; but these guys now how to take care of their gray assets.

Toning Before Hair Styling

As the mane becomes more prominent throughout the years, thin hair appearances accompany gray hair, which is exactly why selecting a hairstyle that flaunts the gray instead of the scalp is essential. Your pro-stylist can help you with this choice, but before you even go there, think about applying offsetting gray hues and tones to the mane first.

Light-skinned males should add only a bit of dark-silver tinting hues to the hair, which will fully bring out the color and help a guy stand clear of a ‘white-on-white’ appearance. On the other hand, men with dark skin complexions should reduce gray exposure, since the point here is to give their natural gray a more healthy mid-tone, as opposed to looking like an older guy who walks around with unnatural hair color.

Taking Care of the Silver

Applying a decent shampoo and conditioner to thin hair is a must. Think of it like this, those cheaper alternatives often dry out the hair, and usually after every wash, the product deprives the mane of natural good-stuff that keeps it looking healthy. Your stylist can recommend the best product for your particular hair texture, and don’t forget that regular salon visits are must-dos for all silver foxes. Imagine how Nick Nolte or Gary Busy would look without visiting the salon after a few months; that’s not what you want. Keep that hair healthy and groomed, and the silver mane will repay you tenfold.

Foxes Are Proud Creatures

Embrace your new gray style with confidence, and wear the types of clothes that exhibit an perpetual impression of style. The neat look is almost a sure-thing for any silver fox, so that means your gonna have to leave those old sweat pants at home whenever you go out.


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