The Now-Popular Japanese Hair Straightening Method In A Nutshell

Today, a pro-stylist can straighten curly hair into pin-straight locks that last for months in two ways, through thermal reconditioning (a.k.a. Japanese treatment) or by applying a keratin treatment (Brazilian hair straightening).

japanese hair photo
Photo by Tg-Pint

Japanese treatments were popular about fifteen years ago, until Brazilian hair straightening stole its limelight in 2007. However, reports of excessive formaldehyde found in the chemicals used in Brazilian treatments decreased the method’s popularity.

Now, Japanese hair straightening has made a comeback, but only a few gals know that this treatment can irreversibly damage the hair, if performed by an inexperienced stylist. So, we thought it would be best to give our readers, who are seriously considering getting rid of their unruly curls, the 411 on Japanese hair straitening treatments.

How does it work?

Japanese straightening starts after the stylist saturates the hair with a unique chemical solution. These chemicals unbind the hair’s natural texture, and it allows the stylist to reshape the tresses into pin-straight hair with the help of a flat-iron. The ceramic iron straightens small sections of curls, and a neutralizing formula holds everything in place. Japanese treatments can also take up to three hours to apply properly, depending on the length of the hair.

What’s the price tag?

Salon prices for Japanese hair straightening across the country are competitive. However, since the method is a time consuming, labor-intensive task, a gal should expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars to get their curls straight in the Japanese way.

How long does it last?

The pin-straight hair will last until the tresses grow out, which is usually around six months (two times as long as the Brazilian treatment lasts).

What’s the downside?

Disastrous results can occur if an unskilled or inexperienced stylist incorrectly applies this method to the hair. There have been reports of frizzed-hair outcomes or even hair falling out, in the most extreme cases. We recommend to women, who are serious about getting this done, to seek out salons that specialize only in Japanese hair treatments.

We should also note here that this straightening method will damage pre-colored hair, which is why you will need to be honest and open with your stylist, beforehand, if you chemically treated your locks a few months prior to making your hair straightening appointment.

And one more thing … Japanese hair straightening is a permanent solution, which means that you won’t be able to reverse the treatment, or get a perm, or color the locks once it’s done.


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