The Pros And Cons Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions instantly add length, body and volume to well maintained tresses; however, not all extensions are the same, and for some women, selecting the appropriate extension that matches their lifestyle can be overwhelming.

Women can sport hair extensions for one day, a few days, a couple of months or even half a year. This means that a girl really needs to think about her lifestyle, spending limits and the hairpiece’s usage time before she heads to the salon.

Let’s sort out all the confusion today, and examine how extensions work and what their individual pros and cons are.

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Clip-In extensions for a night-on-the-town …

Clip-in hair extensions and hairpiece bangs work well for women who only want to experiment with hairpieces without having to go the whole nine yards. Stylists sell these pieces in segments that can clip on from ear-to-ear. Most gals wear them during the day and remove them at night. Your stylist can also color and cut the clip-ins to match your natural hair.

Pros: Clip-ins won’t break your hair, and you can safely remove them whenever you want. They are also the least expensive of all the extensions at the salon.

Cons: Sometimes clip-ins fall out, or they can appear glossy or phony (HINT: buy human hair clip-in extensions).

Adhesive extensions for special events …

Adhesive extensions are one-day options for gals who want to turn some heads at their prom or at their brother’s wedding. Your stylist will attach these with glue, and the user can remove them by applying a special solvent.

Pros: Adhesive extensions are harder to fall out than clip-ins, and a girl does not have to commit completely to the style the hairpiece brings to the table.

Cons: These extensions cost more than clip-ins, which may not work for some women when they take into account the extensions are just a one-time deal.

Fused Extensions for long-term use…

Most women think fused extensions when they go to add more locks at the salon, which makes this hairpiece the most popular. A well-done fused-extension job can last up to six months. The more traditional hot-fusion method calls for fusing the hair onto the natural locks using a mini-flatiron, which bonds the glue-tipped extension to sections of hair.

Modernly, cold-fusion technology attaches the extension through applying ultrasound waves with the help of keratin polymers that interlace the locks; this is a less damaging approach, and its is ideal for fine hair or for tresses with broken strands.

Pros: Offers an exceptional impression and natural-looking hair.

Cons: Fused extensions can take a few hours to apply, and they require bi-monthly maintenance, as your natural hair grows out. Heat fusion may also damage the hair, and fused extensions are a costly, long-term commitment as well.

And even more….

There are also some lesser-known extensions out there that should also receive honorable mentions:

Tape-ins: Excellent for thin locks.
Stitch-Ins: Outstanding for Afro-American hair.
Ring-extensions: Wonderful for thick or wavy tresses.


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