Pro Hairstyle Strategies For Gals With Oval Faces

We stylists hear it all the time…no hairstyle will complement my oval face (frown). First off, take a moment and give yourself pat on the back if you own an oval face shape because you have one of the most flexible face shapes around. There are also many women out there with round and square faces who wish they could flaunt an oval-face hairstyle like you can.

aniston photo
Photo by Chesi – Fotos CC

Let’s look at the most oval-facade celebrity of all, Jennifer Aniston. Her haircuts always look incredible. Jennifer’s extended layers flawlessly touch her cheekbones and jaw line, and if you noticed, her tresses are longer in the back and shorter at the front, so the cut doesn’t pull down on Aniston’s face.

Since so many styles can work for an oval face woman, there are some pro-tips that a gal should keep in mind when searching for the ideal hairstyle; let’s talk about a few:


Go with the flow of your natural hair texture. Straightening the waves is possible, but that’s going to cost ya some extra cash in the long run. So, why not just go for a celebrity haircut that compliments your curly hair as an alternative? Another example of not going with the flow can be found when you notice oval faced women with super-thin hair trying to grow their locks past the shoulders (without extensions). This can produce a comatose and uneven allure, even if the gal adds a ton of product to the cut. What these girls should have done is to use their thin hair texture to their advantage by cutting the tresses in layers and keeping the length above their shoulders.


If you haven’t altered your cut over the last five years, its time to look for a new hairstyle. Remember that an outdated hairstyle can add 10 years to an oval-face woman’s appearance; think of Kate Hudson’s cut in 2001


If you are going to go short, why not try the edgy-yet-feminine pixie cut. This style can make an oval-faced girl look attractive, sexy and chic all at the same time. Charlize Theron amazingly flaunts her pixie everywhere she goes, which is probably why pixie hair has found its way back into the mainstream. What we’re tying to say here is that with an oval face, you can afford to go short, even super short.


Always choose a style that matches your individuality and lifestyle. If you are eccentric, go for that avant-garde cut with ultra-modern color. If you’re a vogue woman, a luxurious-pompadour can make you look more posh. The modern-day mom can also cut her hair stylishly that would not require her to have to spend a half-of-an-hour each day under the blow dryer.


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