How A Long Face Girl Leaves The Salon Without A Long Face

Long visages are essentially faces that are more narrower than they are wide, and if that’s you, then congratulations because there are a lot of mainstream hairstyles that will look great on you.

However, there are some not-so-great visuals to consider when going for a new hairstyle; so, let’s set a few ground rules for all you oblong-face-shaped girls who want to leave their next salon appointment with a big smile:

jennifer garner photo
Photo by karon.liu


Your goal should be to add width to the contours of your natural image, and the very best way to do this is to add some Jennifer Garner waves, whenever possible.


Going for long and straight hair is a big “NO-NO” for women with long face shapes because it pulls the contours of the face downward. But remember, adding waves or curls to longer locks can break the “no-long-hair” rule, since more volume always attaches width to the sides of the overall image.


Shoulder-length cuts are the most flattering on a long face. Somewhere between the jaw-line and the shoulders is the perfect length, and this length, end to end, is also mainstream; just ask actress Rosario Dawson.


The part in your hair will make a difference. A side part is the best way to go for long faces because it allows the tresses to stretch out the cheekbones. However, the Selma Hayek center-part is super popular, now; but bear in mind that if you do it, you will flaunt even a longer face, which is not necessarily a bad thing.


Consider showing off a fringe. Bangs always seem to make oval faces appear shorter because they cover up most of the forehead. A girl can go for some rounded bangs or even those extended, Resse Witherspoon, side-swept bangs. The best choice will ultimately depend on the hair’s texture.


If you desire short hair, like pop singer Pink does, just be sure to avoid short layers that add volume on the top, and avoid spiking up short hair . Trust me; you’ll thank me later for not doing it.


Chin-length bobs create the illusion of width. This bob-cut is both sophisticated and short, which means a girl does not need to possess oodles hair to flaunt this cut. So, if you own thin, pin-straight hair, this is hairstyle will work best on you.


The super-vogue long bob is back in the limelight for gals with oval faces thanks to long-face actress, Emma Stone. This length is perfect on women who sport softer waves; just ask your stylist to cut the back about two inches shorter than the front, and wholla!.


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