Hair-Smoothing Treatments for 2015

Hair-smoothing treatments are in the salon-limelight this year.

Don’t you wish you had smooth and silky, all-weather hair without needing to struggle with a blow-dryer everyday?

Today’s frizz-healers have evolved, as new technologies can now safely break apart individual bonds in the hair, then, glue them back together to form sleek new patterns.

Let’s take a look at the three most popular treatments available for women in 2015.

long hair photo
Photo by rennes.i

Japanese Straightening

This hair straightening remedy (a.k.a. thermal reconditioning ) is for clients who own thick hair or floppy-to-medium waves, and it lasts until the hair grows out. Stylists execute the straightening by first, saturating the tresses with a chemical, bond-breaking solution that will give each lock its own shape; next comes the usual rinse, blow-dry, and careful flat-iron. Finally, the stylist will apply a neutralizer to lock the hair into its new shiny-straight form.

Keep in mind that this process can take up to eight hours the first time around (depending on length and bulkiness). Another drawback is that the client cannot wet their hair for three days after the treatment; this means no ponytail wearing or anything else kinky, like sporting a half-up/half down. The upside is that you’ll have five to six months of sleek and shiny tresses to show off with no blow-drying necessary (just an air-dry will do).

Brazilian Straightening

Brazilian straightening treatments usually wear off in two to four months, which is a few months less than the Japanese method. The reason why is that the keratin proteins in this treatment will only level the hair’s surface and not permanently break bonds. This option is preferable for clients who want their natural texture to return gradually.

However, keep in mind that some Brazilian treatments may contain formaldehyde, even if it says “no formaldehyde” (ingredients combine to produce formaldehyde when heated by blow drying or straight irons). Formaldehyde is the most toxic substance known to man, and inhaled, even in small quantities, can be devastating to your respiratory system.

Brazilian keratin treatments are widespread, because they’re in high demand, great revenue generators for salons, and manufacturers continue to convince salons that their particular brand is safe (which they want to believe). Governments around the world, and many US states have banned the treatments.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning will smooth the hair until the next shampoo; it will also control frizz by restoring moisture to the hair. This hair straightening treatment is ideal for the budget-conscious client. Stylists execute the smoothing magic by working the conditioner from the roots to the ends, and afterwards, slipping on a shower cap for ten minutes to trap the heat from the scalp to penetrate the hair’s cuticle.


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