The Bed Head Mop In A Nutshell

NEWSFLASH: Younger dudes are exploring surfer-type/90s boy-band hair trends this fall, flaunting their young and playful Bed Head cuts. Keep in mind that this style is really anti-corporate America; so, it looks like a lot of college freshmen will be looking a bit more rebellious when they come home for Christmas.

Let’s look at some Bed Hair pointers for getting your locks ready for this retro-style, if you decide you want to go there.

bed head photo
Photo by James Theophane

Bed Head hair dislikes the short and thin.

This style will suit you well if you’re looking to date a celebrity like Selena Gomes, but it will only work on wavy and curly hair; this means that young men with straight or thin hair will have to decide on another cut before hitting the salon. If you qualify for Bed Hair, you’ll need to let your hair grow until there’s at least one-and-a-half inches on both sides and three on top. Once you’re there, your pro-stylist will add texture to create a fresh, youthful movement on your new mane.

Go with your natural tress.

Whether you have flawless, elaborate curls or tresses that fall straight down, it’s important for your stylist to know how your hair flows and how to work with what you have. Thinner locks can go Bed Head by separating large sections, braiding them, then, running a straightener over each braid to finalize the wave; as opposed to, bigger waves and curls, where a stylist will use their fingers to pull apart curls for roughing up the texture. Remember that Bed Head hair is never perfect.

Leave the hairbrush at home.

That’s right—even if your hair is completely a mess (that’s the whole idea) use only a wide-tooth comb to gently work out any ugly snarls. That being said, it’s important to leave the rest of your locks in an unruly state of mind. Leaving the brush at home will save your stylist from needing to restructure a different chaotic texture at your next appointment.

Bed Hair is all about random waves.

Forget about those polished curls! Instead, aim for some free-style tresses; your stylist will want to work into the hair for the mane to own its own unique, scruffy texture. This means adding movement (not definition) to various segments; that’s why your stylist will be creating some serious random waves.

Keep the mane hydrated, but don’t overdue it.

For loose-looking, ruffled hair, I recommend putting water on your fingers and squeezing the H2O through the hair’s limp sections—no need to put your entire head in the sink, just get the roots wet to add a bit of volume for reactivating product.

Dry shampoo is a must-have product for the Bed Head.

Dry shampoo does miracles in twofold; first, it extends the length of time between hair washes. Next, a pro-salon dry shampoo can double as a texture spray. Add some water to the product in a sprayer, and mist the locks in the morning for instant fullness.


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