Hair Straightening Myths and Facts – Oklahoma City Stylist

Do you wish for long, silky smooth locks that don’t get frizzy under any condition?  If this is the case, then hair straightening might be right for you. Still,  there are a lot of myths out there about what hair straightening can and cannot do. Before deciding on whether you want your hair straightened or not, consider the following truths about hair straightening treatments.

Portrait of girl with straight, blonde hair
Portrait of girl with straight, blonde hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One sure-fire way to get straight hair is by getting thermal Reconditioning. This treatment, also known as Japanese straightening, is good for wavy or moderately curly hair, however, kinky curls don’t respond well to this type of hair straightening treatment. If you decide to give this process a try, your stylist will use a chemical solution that reshapes  each hair strand.  Once your stylist removes the chemical after a certain amount of time, he will flat-iron it so it becomes completely straight.

He or she will then use a neutralizer  to prevent your hair from getting curly again.  The entire process can sometimes take up to eight  hours, and there may be an additional three to four hours of touch-up work.  For three days following the treatment you need to keep your hair in its straight state. You should even avoid pony-tails  during this time as they could create a kink in your hair. The great news when using this type of treatment is that your hair will be very straight and very shiny. The disadvantage is that you can’t  curl your hair at all once the treatment is complete and the process can cost between $500 and $1500.

If you have really tight and coarse curls, a relaxer may be the best choice for you. A relaxer utilizes a chemical solution that changes the shape of the hair. This form of treatment is a lot less time consuming and much more affordable. The chemical solution is only left on your hair for about 20 minutes, and then neutralized. Besides, this process  only costs from between $50 to $250.

Whether you go all out and do thermal reconditioning or simply use a relaxer, you need to remember that you’ll either have to do maintenance on your hair or deal with a grow-out period. During the grow-out period, your new hair will still be curly while the treated hair will be straight. It’s important that you have a plan in place to deal with outgrowth. Talk with your stylist about how to maintain your new straight look, or talk about new hair styles that ook good as you wait for your hair to grow out.