Flattering Hair Color Options for Women Over 40 – Hair Stylist, OKC

As a mature woman you want to at least look your age, or just a tad younger. You want to make sure your hair color complements your image. To get the right color there are some tried and true rules you want to follow so you get the best results for your age. . Certain hair coloring strategies will create a more youthful look in older women. It’s good to know what you want before you approach your stylist for a hair color change.

Girl with blonde hair
Girl with blonde hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For women who are blonde or considering going blonde, you’ll want to consider getting bangs and layers in your hair. Instead of bleaching your entire head of hair, it might be wiser to go with extensive highlights instead. If you have layers, bangs, and highlights, you won’t have to return to your stylist as often for touch-ups. Layers will help hide your roots and highlights will simply make roots less obvious.

Get a hair cut that has plenty of choppiness to it and get some long bangs in tandem with streaks if you want to roll back the clock by ten years. Most stylists agree that bold blonde highlights along with the lift that layers provide help to hide wrinkles and other signs of aging. Going blonde with highlights instead an all-over color change is a much better choice than getting your hair dyed red. Unless red hair is natural, this color can bring out blotchiness in the skin and highlight some of the features that aging women want to cover up. A honey blonde hair color with plenty of sunny tones helps tone down the look of brown spots.

If highlights aren’t your thing, ask your stylist to use darker tones on the hair underneath and lighter tones on the hair on top. Better yet, use even brighter highlights around the face. The effect of using color to create depth can have an immediately de-aging impact on the face and making the color of the hair slightly darker underneath gives the overall look remarkably natural.

If you decide to go blonde, or add some highlights to hair that’s already blonde, you’ll need to make sure to maintain your locks. Hair that’s been bleached or highlighted can be sensitive to heat styling and therefore prone to breaking off. After you get your hair bleached or highlighted, you’ll need to do regular hair treatments to keep your hair thoroughly conditioned.

Whatever you do, make sure you choose a color that isn’t too dark for your skin. Super dark hair color can highlight wrinkles and bring out features that give away your age. Instead, if you’re going to change your hair color, choose a tone that’s just one shade lighter than your natural color.