Give Fine Curly Hair More Volume Without Taking Away from Length – Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

A master hair stylst can give a woman with fine, curly hair more volume without taking away from the overall length, by avoiding short layers.

If your hair has natural curl and is also fine, you need to find a stylist who will cut it well for *both*. Some stylists will try to cut fine, curly hair the same way they cut *all* curly hair, and it can end up looking choppy.

To create more volume without taking away the length of the hair, layer from the inside out. This keeps the desirable length.

A stylist should use shears to create texture, and try to use a semi-precision cut to avoid making the hair too bulky.

Using a more precision cut at the ends of the hair will make the curls more full and make sure the hair doesn’t look like a triangle.

The stylist should understand the difference between curly hair that’s fine and curly hair that’s not fine.