What to Avoid When Shopping for Hair Extensions – Oklahoma City

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular as celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan change their hair length on a regular basis. Hair extensions allow women to literally change their look overnight, which is what has made them so popular. There are a variety of different ways hair extensions can be put in place on the head from gluing to sewing to clipping them in. How you go about getting the extra length in place is up to you, but there are certain things to avoid at all costs when shopping for hair extensions. If you want your new look to come out looking great, you’ll need to follow some simple rules and talk with your stylist to get the results you want.

English: Miley Cyrus at the premiere for Hanna...
English: Miley Cyrus at the premiere for Hannah Montana: The Movie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the most important things to avoid when shopping for extensions are hair pieces that are heavier than your own, real hair. This is important because a heavy set of hair extensions can actually damage and break off your real hair as it’s growing out. If your hair is weak or brittle, it’s really important that you take into consideration the possible damage that could be done to your hair through the use of extensions. Many women use hair extensions to make the grow-out period for their hair less awkward. That uncomfortable desire we all get to suddenly cut our hair when we actually want to let it grow would be gone, courtesy of extensions.  If your hair extensions actually damage your hair as it’s growing out, it can lengthen the period of time that it would take for you to accomplish the goal of increased hair length.

Some women need a variety of different hair weights to get the right look for their face shape. Of course, your hair extensions need to match your own hair as much as possible. Some women may prefer to order extensions that come highlighted already, but the texture and weight of the hair should still be the same as your own. Hair extensions that match the weight of your hair will not only preserve the overall health of your own real locks, but also look more natural.

You may need to consider cost when deciding which hair extensions would work best for you. Unfortunately, hair extensions can be pretty pricey. The total cost will depend on how much hair you get added to your hair and how you decide to have them attached to your head. Allow plenty of time to have the hair extensions installed. It can take between four and six hours during the initial set up. Expect to pay in the hundreds for your hair extensions (though more expensive varieties exist as well) and then pay for maintenance as well. Every six to eight weeks, you’ll need to visit your salon to make sure your extensions stay beautiful. Talk to your stylist about the cost of the hair extensions, maintenance time and fees, and how much time it will take to put the extensions in your hair before you decide which type of extensions are right for you.