Multi-Colored Hair: Should You or Shouldn’t You – Oklahoma CIty Hair Stylist

Rainbow-colored locks can look really amazing or really horrible depending on how they’re done. It’s vital that you visit a salon to get the best results when considering this type of color job. The multi-colored look has grown in popularity, both on the runway and off recently; you can definitely make this style work for you, but don’t take it on like a DIY project! This is the sort of project best left for a stylist, so you need to see your stylist for that all-important advice so you know how to wow people rather than appall them.

Rainbow (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

There was a time when multi-colored hairstyles were reserved for punk rockers.  These days, just about anyone can get away with having several different colors in their hair. The wide array of colors available today has helped fuel interest in the look and new and creative ways of applying the dye for the job has also made it more popular. Multi-colored hair is a huge commitment, though. If the look doesn’t turn out the way you think it should, you’ll need to have a plan B.

This is why it is so vital that you visit a stylist for this kind of job. Your stylist will make sure that you use quality products that will minimize the damage to your hair. There are a variety of different styles that can be used to dye your hair as well, and your stylist will be able to recommend a good pattern to use for the colors. If you don’t use the right pattern for the different colors as they go into your hair, the results can be less than flattering.

Your stylist may be able to do a temporary rainbow make-over that will eventually wash out of your hair, which is perfect if you just simply want a seasonal change. Even dark hair can be dyed with the opaque gel which can be simply raked through the hair in neon streaks. Your stylist could pull your hair back into a ponytail to do this work. If you’re simply having a temporary job done, then you could do the streaks as part of a ponytail style or a bun.

If your hair is very damaged already from a permanent or other hair dyes, then you may need to think carefully about whether not the rainbow job is right for you. Talk with your stylist about a grow-out plan for rainbow-colored hair that’s been dyed permanently. Make sure that your hair will be able to be dyed again during the grow-out phase to blend in with the rest of your hair. Temporary hair dye obviously has some benefits in that you needn’t worry about growing out your hair and it won’t damage your hair either. Talk with your stylist to figure out a multi-colored hair plan that will work for you.