Feather Extensions FAQ’s – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

A hot new trend this year is feather extensions. Feather extensions are actual feathers placed in your hair just like human hair extensions. They can be sewn in, glued in or your stylist may use micro-links. Micro-links are small metal links placed near your scalp and then pressed shut with pliers. This method has the advantage of being easy to remove and re-use. Your stylist will use the best placement method for your hair so that your natural hair remains healthy and strong.

Can You Wash and Style Your Feather Extensions?

Yes you can wash and style most feather extensions. You will have to be careful with them so you don’t damage the feathers. You can use a blow dryer, curling iron and a flat iron, just be sure to use a wide tooth comb and start from the ends of your hair when you comb it out. Do not use a brush on your feathers since it will tear them apart and damage them.

How Long Will Feather Extensions Last?

When placed properly feather extensions will last for about a month to 6 weeks depending on the method used to place them.

Can I Reuse Feather Extensions?

As long as your feather extensions do not become damaged, you can use them over and over again. With proper care they will last indefinitely.

Do They Come in Different Colors?

Yes there are feather extensions in all colors and styles. You can find natural feathers and feathers dyed all sorts of colors. Usually feather extensions come in packs so you can get several different tones and a variety of feathers.

Ask your stylist about the newest trend this year and try out a few or a lot of feathers in your hair for a unique and chic look.

Don’t They Kill the Rooster Just to Harvest the Exotic Tail Feathers?

Yes, they do. Always, actually – you can’t harvest the full set of tail feathers any other way. Since an American Idol star created the trend, as many as 1500 roosters per day are killed on one farm. But all of Anastasia’s  feather extensions are cruelty-free. She’s the only stylist we know of, locally, doing these, and they’re gorgeous. Make an appointment, and choose from a beautiful selection of ‘friendly feather extensions’ when you come in, without killing anything just for decoration. You can be beautiful and kind.

Call now to book an appointment. Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, OK. Out of town appointments welcome.