Slick It Back and Bare It All – Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

Summer is hot, humid and almost unbearable in the Midwest, and summers in Oklahoma City can be especially unbearable at times. You can look chic and be cool at the same time with a slicked back hairstyle. Slicked back hair can be worn with out without a ponytail depending on the length of your hair. It’s easy to have this trendy look. All you need to do is wash and condition your hair, apply some gel from the roots to the ends and then pull it back into a slick ponytail and secure it with a covered elastic. If you have short hair, apply some shine spray and hair spray to keep your hair in place.
Become Gorgeous

Slicked back styles can be a bold statement and are not for the faint of heart since your face will be totally in the spotlight, but if you’ve got the guts to pull it off slick back hair is one of the hottest trends this summer. It is a style that will take you from the office to a special night out. You can also incorporate the slick backed look in your updos. For example a slicked back bun is a classic look as well as a slicked back low ponytail. Always start out with a great cut and healthy hair. Your stylist can help you choose products which will give you shiny and healthy hair so you can slick it back and stay cool this summer.

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