Hairstyles in the News May 16, 2011

Welcome to this week’s Hairstyles in the News. At the recent Cannes Film Festival and a popular movie premier celebrities showed up with new hairstyles and some hairstyles you may want to try for yourself. The X-Factor is a big hit in the UK and has created several new singing sensations. This week we see a pair of twins from the show setting the bar high for fashion and hair. We also have a pair of mother/daughter beauties which show style is ageless. If you see a style you’d like to try out be sure to ask your stylist to tailor it to your lifestyle and face shape.
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Johnny Depp showed up at the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Premier with a new cropped hairstyle. This is quite a change from his longer locks and his Captain Jack Sparrow look. Shorter hair is very popular for men this season and Johnny looks sexy no matter how he styles his hair.
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Penelope Cruz also attended the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Premier and had a very trendy high ponytail with bangs. This is a look you can wear at a special occasion or just around town. It is cool for the summer and easy to maintain. If you don’t have long hair, you can have this look with human hair extensions expertly placed by your stylist.

Tish and Miley Cyrus are a beautiful mother/daughter duo with long wavy locks. Miley has dark blonde hair with highlights and her mother has ash blonde hair. This shows the wide range of blonde and how your stylist can select the right color for your skin tone. If your hair isn’t as long as Miley or Tish’s you can have this look with human hair extensions fused onto your natural hair. Ask your stylist if she is trained in fusion extensions since they last the longest and are the most natural looking.
Daily Mail UK

X-Factor host, Stacey Solomon, has a new hairstyle. She has had her long brown locks chopped into a very flattering wavy bob. In this picture she has it styled with curls and lots of volume. You can get this look easily with hot rollers and the right products. Use a volumizing product on your wet hair at the roots, blow dry it with a large barrel brush and then set your hair and let it cool on the rollers. Carefully brush your hair to form full waves, you can back comb the roots for more lift, and then spray it with some setting spray to give you hold.
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John Grimes and Edward Grimes, the Irish pop stars of the duo Jedward, are sporting what they call “quiffs”. You can get this look with styling paste and super hold gel. Apply gel to your towel dried hair, blow dry it using a brush to get volume at the crown and smooth the sides. Use styling paste to make your hair stand up and you too can have Jedward’s look.
Hollywood Life

At the 64th Annual Canne’s Film Festival Angelina Jolie’s long dark brown waves looked glamorous. Angelina has the type of hair that looks good no matter how she wears it. You can have healthy shiny hair with regular cuts and professional hair care products.
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Bollywood star, Aishwarya Rai, attended the 64th Annual Canne’s Film Festival with a very chic updo. Aishwarya’s hair is pulled up into a French twist and the ends are left out and curled. This is a very popular style that can be tailored to your hair type. You don’t need a lot of length to pull this style off, just enough to let the ends show above the French twist. Experiment with the look and you can add some pretty clips and pins for extra glamor.

That’s it for this week. Remember regular trims and cuts along with professional products will keep your hair shiny, healthy and runway worthy. Your stylist is your best resource for advice about which products and styles are best for you.

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