Special Occasion Hair with Wow – Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

Women with medium length hair may be at a loss when special occasions arise. What types of hairstyls and updos are possible at this length? A stylist may be your best bet to come up with a hairdo that will impress your dress as well as other guests at the event you’re planning to attend. Thanks to the latest fashion trends, there are actually some rather creative options available to women who have formal events in their future. A short chat with your stylist will help you decide which one would be best for the special even you’ll be attending.

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Versatility is always a problem with shorter hair, but that’s where a stylist comes in. A secure side sweep is in style these days, which is a perfect do for a wedding or even prom. Side swept hair is sexy and yet not overly glamorous. Women can wear this style on a simple date night without feeling overdone and yet still dressed to impress. Mid-length hair is perfect for this hair do because it isn’t too heavy and so it’s easier to keep it in place. Some gentle waviness to the hair and added volume at the crown can add to its appeal. Celebrities like JoJo have successfully worn side sweeps with rave reviews. See your stylist to pull this special occasion hair style off in a way that works with your attire.

A pompadour is another eye-catching choice for women who are wanting to go a little glam with their updo. Though the pompadour was originally a hairstyle for men in the 1950’s, today celebrity women and models have taken over the do and made it their own. Not every woman can successfully wear a pompadour, but that’s where you could benefit from a chat with your stylist. It’s important that this updo for medium length hair is done just right. There’s some backcombing and bobby pins involved. Your stylist will need to use some high-quality hairspray to keep in place. It’s a flirtatious hair style that will grab attention. If this is what you’re going for, then it might be the right choice for you!

Of course, if you’re wanting something a bit more unmistakably feminine and yet attention-getting, then you might want to go retro. There are a number of retro possibilities as far as special occasion hair is concerned and your stylist will be able to recommend a suitable do based on your garb for the evening. Some metallic or diamond-studded accessories can top of retro looks and without a doubt, they’ll complement what you’re planning to wear. You’ll need some curls that won’t quit and your stylist will be able to provide you with special tools to get the job done right.

Whether you’re walking down the aisle or simply going out on a big date, special occaion hair styles for medium length hair can wow onlookers. Talk with your stylist if you want hair that won’t quit halfway through the night. There are tons of creative options available for women who want to look their best.