The Problem with Virtual Hair Color Makeovers – Hair Salons OKC

Hair color can be tricky business. It’s always risky to try coloring your hair at home and most women botch at-home jobs at least once in their lifetime. Getting the wrong color altogether or frying the hair are two undesirable outcomes that happen regularly when women buy boxed hair color to go. But for those women who have never been unlucky enough to have handfuls of their hair fall out after a home hair color job goes awry, there are tools like hair color makeovers that women can do online to see what the outcome of their color changes will be without having to make the full commitment to it. Though the idea is well-meaning and can be useful to women who plan to take the best results from their virtual efforts to a knowledgeable stylist, women who try to get online results through at-home hair color products are often disappointed. Getting the perfect hair color results is a real challenge and it should be done by a professional.

Vanity Hair & Virtual Impressions
Vanity Hair & Virtual Impressions (Photo credit: Tania Tebaldi)

Virtual makeover software on the web is pretty easy to find these days. Marie Claire offers an online makeover tool as well as Cosmopolitan. Several other women’s magazines provide virtual hair color software to wow women into buying products that may or may not produce identical results to what they see on their computer. Obviously, you never know what you’re going to get until you open the box and put hair color on your head, unless you’re a professional. That’s one of the biggest problems with these web-based beauty tools. Some women may try to color their hair at home with mixed results. It would be a better strategy to show the color results from these virtual hair color makeover tools to your stylist who will be able to get extremely close to the results you see online.

Women often color their hair at home impulsively using stuff that they buy at the grocery store and once the damage is done, it can be much harder and more expensive to undo it than to just start the hair color process at the salon in the first place. Virtual makeovers on the net don’t ever show women who have accidentally left stripes of their original color on the back of their heads or greenish or orange-ish hues as a result of color jobs that have gone bad. There’s nothing wrong with using a hair color software tool online, but if you do, just be sure to call on a stylist to get the exact color you want rather than taking a risk and getting poor results. These Internet-based beauty tools can be a great way to communicate with your stylist if you use them that way.