Gypsy Hair for Thick Locks – Oklahoma City Hairdresser

Though it may seem like the ultimate beauty blessing, thick hair actually has its pros and cons. Depending on how blessed your tresses are can have a big impact on the types of hair styles that would most complement your look. Thick hair can take some extra care and a different approach than thinner hair. Layered gypsy hair cuts may be a good option if you’re looking for some drama that will bring out the very best in your thick, luminous locks.

Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine (Photo credit: dbking)

The gypsy hair cut is built from layers. Initially, the stylist pulls up a section of the hair at the crown of the head that will act as a guide for the rest of the cut. The remaining hair is then layered bit by bit by pulling it upward to a 180 degree elevation , ultimately creating striking layers that are relatively amenable to styling in a number of different ways.

The versatility of this hair style is what’s made it so popular among women with tons of hair. Not only can it be styled in a number of different ways, but the cut also has several different variations. For example, some women may choose to create some pizzazz with side swept bangs. Done at a horizontal angle, bangs can create an illusion of symmetry in facial features.

Layers can also be cut to frame out your face. A gentle curve around the face can help to balance out high cheekbones and make them an asset to your overall appearance. Face-framing layers as part of a gypsy hair cut, can help feature your fabulous bone structure rather than working against it.

You may be dreaming of a blunt do, but women who have thick hair should avoid hair that is cut to all one length. Despite your best intentions, a blunt cut isn’t likely to flatter your face if you have remarkably thick hair. Instead, opt for layers. You can get a similar hair cut, but with dramatic layers that other women will envy. Work with what you have and enjoy your voluminous tresses! Thick hair can be wonderful if you play up your style in the right way.

It may take some extra time to style thicker hair every day, but the results will be worth the while. Start by blow drying your hair with a flat boar bristle brush. This will amp up your volume and shine. Layers have the added benefit of making the blow drying process simpler and speedier. Working with your hair in sections can help you make quick work of drying your hair each morning. Spray shine could help you keep your thick hair under control when you’re ready to finish off your do.