Pan Am Inspired Retro Hairstyles – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Pan Am on ABC has become a hit show with the story focusing around the lives and loves of the stewardesses and crew of one of America’s first intercontinental airlines. The stewardesses of Pan Am became famous for being polished, poised and beautiful. This has translated into a growing trend for hairstyles inspired by the sixties. The early sixties were a time of pageboys, chignons, and beehives. These hairstyles still influence the trends of today and your stylist can help you to find one that fits your hair and face shape.
Image by Bob Page

The pageboy is a very classic style. It is usually worn shoulder length without layers and heavy bangs. This style frames the face and brings out your eyes. It is best for straight hair with a bit of texture, but with the right styling products and tools it will work on almost every type of hair. The classic way to style a pageboy is with large rollers rolled under, but you can use a flat iron or hot rollers, and root booster to get similar results. Use a paddle brush to get a smooth finish and if your hair tends to frizz, use some anti-frizz product to keep things sleek.
Image by Elle France

Chignons and are great for special occasions, however in the sixties they were worn just about anytime. A chignon is a very easy style to achieve. It is basically just pulling your hair back into a low roll or knot near the nape of your neck. There are many different types of chignons and your imagination is the only limit. Adding some pretty hair clips and pins will give your chignon a special touch perfect for a wedding, prom or a special night out. Use a bit of backcombing at the crown to give your chignon height.
Image by Fashion Week Mix

Beehives have made a bit comeback with celebrities wearing them on the red carpet and models wearing them on runways. Backcombing is the secret to a great beehive. It is easier if you don’t wash your hair the day you style your beehive since freshly washed hair is a bit slick and hard to work with. Take small sections of your hair on the crown of your head and use a fine tooth comb to comb toward your scalp. Repeat the process until the crown of your head is done and then pull your hair up and around, and secure it with u-shaped hair pins. Smooth the top hair so your beehive is sleek and smooth. Apply a generous amount of hairspray to keep it under control and up in the air.

All of these retro styles are gaining momentum in popularity. Celebrity stylists predict they will continue to be popular well into 2012. Ask your stylist to make them your own and give you recommendations on professional products to make your hair look and feel healthy.

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