Not Your Grandmother’s Wash and Set

In the good old days of beauty shops women made appointments every week to get a wash and set. Their hair was washed, put into rollers and then they were set under hairdryers to try and chat above the roar of the dryer. For years the picture of ladies under dryers conversing and swapping gossip was the trademark look of a beauty salon. After they were dry rollers were removed and their hair was teased and styled into high bouffants and tight curly styles that were shellacked with hair spray and lasted until they came back the next week to repeat the process.,r:15,s:12&tx=80&ty=85&biw=989&bih=608
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This was a pretty common occurrence until the late 1970’s and the introduction of the blow dryer into the mainstream consumer market. Why pay a stylist to set your hair when you could do it with a brush and blow dryer? The hairstyles adopted a more natural look and wash and sets fell out of favor with all but the older set of clients. Today they are making a comeback with busy women but with a 21st Century twist.

Today you can go to your stylist and have her wash your hair and style it to save time before an important meeting or event. Curls are making a strong comeback and today’s curls are loose and free flowing. Your stylist may use large rollers or extended pin curls to set your hair and style it into lovely curls that flatter almost any face shape. Another option is to have your stylist wash your hair and then style it with a flat iron using professional products to help protect it and keep it smooth. Deep conditioning treatments and scalp massages also help to make your hair shiny and strong not to mention they are very relaxing and give you a chance to unwind. Try out your grandmother’s method of hair care and see if you don’t enjoy getting a weekly “wash and set”.

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