What’s Really Up With Straightening Treatments?

There’s been a lot of buzz in the news and beauty industry for a while about the pros and cons of various straightening treatments. Brazilian, Japanese, Keratin, iStraight, Masani…which is the best for your hair and which system is the safest?

Hair straightening before and after
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Actually all of these systems are safe. It is more a choice of products which are right for your hair. While Brazilian, Japanese and Keratin treatments permanently break the bonds in your hair which control the curl leaving it straight, iStraight and Mazini work by relaxing the bonds. When applied correctly all of these systems are safe and effective. Many of the straightening products contain ingredients that make your hair stronger.

Ask your stylist which treatment is best for you. She will know your hair texture and be able to use the right products and give you the best results.

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