Most Radical Haircuts for Women

What are the hair styles most likely to catch someone’s eye and hold their attention? There are a plenty of radical new do’s that a woman can try if Shock Factor is an important part of the look. A combination of the right hair cut mixed with the right combination of highlights or hair color will undoubtedly turn heads. It doesn’t matter whether you’re punk or just fed up with looking normal and in need of a new style. The most radical changes that you can make are elegantly simple. It’s how you implement the changes that will make your new appearance turn heads.

Comicon: Wig Fun 2
Comicon: Wig Fun 2 (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Believe it or not, really long hair gets attention. If you currently have short to medium length hair, long hair would definitely turn heads. But how does one fast forward to ultra long locks without a huge time commitment? It’s simple: hair extensions. Today’s hair extensions look and feel real and they can help you get a head start on growing out your own hair to a longer length. And talk about shocking! Though a change from long hair to short hair can also get a lot of attention, short to long is even more radical! Don’t forget to ask your stylist about the different color options available in hair extensions if you want to do something even more unforgettable.

On the flip side, if you already have long or medium-length hair, changing to super short do might be the way to go. Indeed, shaving all or part of your head down to a boy cut or just a really short style can be eye-catching. Pixie cuts are also pretty radical if you’ve been sporting a longer look. Discuss your options with a stylist. Short hair can be remarkably flattering and with a little bit of planning, your stylist should be able to cut layers to emphasize your best facial features.

It’s also possible to create a radical new look with medium-length hair, but you’ll have to think outside of the box if you want to generate a buzz. Hair that’s cut at a steep angle or highlighted with radical and bold hues can definitely add interest to an otherwise mundane hair cut. If you want day-to-day shock value than you’ll want to choose a medium-length cut that has versatility so you’ll be able to try out new styles from one day to the next. Ombre highlighting that’s done using non-traditional color choices like bright red or sky blue can be a good choice to finish off your look. Just be sure that you choose colors that will flatter your skin tone and natural hair color.

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