Winter Wedding Hair Style Ideas

If you’ve decided to have a winter wedding, you probably already realize that your hair style options are a little different than if you tied the knot in the spring or summer. Winter hair styles reflect some of the challenges of the cold season. Hair can have a lot of static and look limp and tired in the dry winter air. If you want to look your best (and every bride does) for your winter wedding, check out some of the hot new styles recommended for this season.

Satin Sexy V-neck Halter A line Pick up Skirt ...
Satin Sexy V-neck Halter A line Pick up Skirt with Chapel Train Hot Sell Wedding Dress WL-0060 (Photo credit: churcy)

Perhaps you’ve chosen a very romantic wedding dress and you still want your hair to look soft and flowing on your wedding day. If this is the case, it might be wise to use accessories to get the perfect look. Accessories can detract from some of the challenging hair behaviors that get in the way of a good hair day. A tiara, for example, can complement a romantic dress while emphasizing the best that your hair has to offer.

A wedding dress that is more trendy may look best with a trendier hair do as well. This season, hair is kept looking pristine with gel and styling products that give it a slicked back appearance. You can easier keep fly-away hair under control using these products and still get a trendy look that will go well with that dress. For example, a low bun at the back of the head with the hair slicked back on all sides is the perfect winter season look for a wedding. Even on a bad hair day, this style would look good and it also will stay put through the entire ceremony and beyond.

A high ballet bun is yet another option for a winter wedding especially when paired with whimsical white furs or feathers around the neck. Again, the hair is kept slicked back with high-quality styling products that will keep wild hairs under control. The bun is high on the back of the head and no tendrils are left around the face. This look is able to keep going through photos and a reception, if necessary and won’t react negatively to wind or dryness. As far as winter wedding hair, this is a look that’s attractive on every woman.

And finally, if you don’t want your hair to be slicked back, but getting it up off your shoulders seems like a good idea. Consider piling your locks on top of your head in a more relaxed updo. Though this look can be a challenge during the extremes of winter, it’s still possible to get it right and create a romantic, yet formal look. Use plenty of styling products to keep the static away and talk with your stylist about incorporating some accessories into the mix.