Why Medium-Length Hair Is In This Fall

As summer comes to an end (along with all the UV rays, pool chlorine, and beach water that comes with it), your locks may be calling for a slight overhaul.

That’s probably why we stylists get a slight boost in appointment scheduling during the autumn pre-season, as many of our clients discover that fall is hair makeover time.

The pre-fall hair craze this year is opposite to last year’s short bob look—in 2016, a lot of women are leaving the chair with shoulder-length lobs.

curly hair photoPerhaps it’s because the cut is perfectly reconstructible. You can: wear it with waves; iron it straight; try chopping it up and layering the tresses; or even sport a shoulder-length blunt cut.

Or maybe the shoulder-length lob is popular because its a good starting point for folks who just can’t decide which cut they want to  bringing in the holidays with.

So, what we’re going to do for you this week is explain to you why mid-length hair stands out in a crowd, and we’ll offer you a pot-full of reasons as to why you should go for this look too…

Blunt Lob: A mid-sized blunt is a structured lob that looks awesome with most winter hat accessories or scarf wraparounds.

Medium Curly Style: This is where a person can provoke image onlookers by going shorter to add a little bounce-separation to their already, eye-candy swirls.

Thin Locks: Fine hair receives a texture boost from shoulder-length lobs because loose-gravity offers the locks extra fullness and movement.

Thick Hair: Full bangs on medium lobs with gross hair texture provide an edgy, spoiled-brat style that can be so “rock-and-roll” on the weekends.

Double-Toned Lobs: Hair that owns two or more colors becomes more interesting to look at when the hues stop at the shoulders.

French-Girl Waves: These two words say it all.

Side-Parted ‘dos: Where do we start? Hot redhead, platinum blonde, or sleek brunet cuts with deep side-parts should consider going shorter in length to make sure that the parting feature is the main attraction in the overall look.

Tight-Curls: Those who own them know that the shorter the hair,  the more naturally-tighter they’re wound. Cropping curls to a shoulder lob solves this problem because it will emphasize the curls’ natural texture instead of focusing on how snug they are.

Hippy-Hair: Go ’70s with a lob that holds platinum-dye colors to match that Height-Ashbury, tie-dye shirt you just purchased.

Slicked-Back Hair: Long locks that slick straight back require hours of daybreak maintenance to get them ready for public viewing. So, why not just give the mane a snip, and then, figure out what to do with all the extra morning time?

Silver or Gray Mane: Why go silver if the locks don’t absolutely shine both indoors and outside?  Medium lobs offer white locks a more polished allure by allowing flyaway strands to stand out naturally in any kind of light.

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