All You Need To Know About A Pop-Star’s Biggest Hair Secret

When Jennifer Lawrence stepped onto the red carpet at this year’s Oscars, our jaws just dropped as we stared at her flowing blond tresses.

She brought it all into the spotlight as she transitioned from bob to lob. The color! The style! And yes, the extensions?

Uncommonly disclosed among pop-stars, most of those lengthy, shiny locks we see in the limelight come from professional hair-extension artistry.

Today, extensions are as routine as makeup or high heels for modern women, and Lawrence is just one immaculate example of how remarkably stylish they have become.curly hair photo

“Hair extension taboo is so 90s.”

Did you know that most Hollywood stylist take with them massive hair extension kits as they work between movie sets?

That’s right; pro-stylist for the stars stopped jugging around tons of hair product after the millennium hit.

They swapped their hairspray and gel for bags and bags of hair extensions that can be immaculately installed to any ay texture for adding temporary volume to updos or some extra length to waves and curls.

So, it’s no wonder that today’s public has followed in hair extension “demand mode,” seeking out the latest advancements in extension technology and application.

“Understanding the basics can get novice trendsetters into the ballgame.”

First off, you should know that this market is already a multi-billion-dollar industry, which is why we pro-stylists keep current on hair extension quality, color and bonding systems.

With all work completed in only one visit, the product options and installation methods that exist today allow women to achieve lengthier hair, a fuller mane or even allow them to try out a different hair color or highlight.

However, you should know that hair extension “art” really takes place within the application.

Your stylist will need to use her fingers to bond or weave single sections of hair, correctly, into the roots of similarly sized proportions.

This may sound easy, but it’s actually a time-consuming process that requires some professional knowledge and sturdy hands in order to achieve an amazing natural result.

Further, color always adds more elegance and shine to any hair extension mission. Hence, your stylist will have to determine if base color matching or highlighting will be necessary, which should be performed before the extensions are put in.

Extensions will also bond to the mane for months on end.  However, one should schedule a maintenance visit after about eight weeks to avoid breakage from occurring.

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