Eight Coiffeur-Inspirations From Today’s Male Pop Stars

Normally, it’s Hollywood’s female starlets whose hair gets all the attention on the red carpet–those layered lobs, those curls and not to mention all those off-color hues we see stepping out of the limos.

“So, what about the boys?”

More than often, a man dressed in his tuxedo-garb strolls into the starlight with some eye-popping locks that drive the paparazzi mad.

Remember Jared Leto’s Oscar-winning, straight-long ombre locks in 2013 that had women’s eyes glaring at TV sets all across the country?

Hence, there’re so many Hollywood men’s hairstyles that guys can look up to for some coiffeur-inspiration—to many, in fact, to name here.

That’s why we’ve gathered up some star-men manes for your viewing pleasure to prove that our male readers can find fresh hair ideas too…just by keeping their eyes open.

Zac Efron photo
Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Zac Efron: What guy doesn’t like only to roll out of bed, call it day and look good doing so? Well, Efron has mastered chic bed-hair with his naturally messy “I just woke up” vibe. Imagine a cut that allows you simply to run your fingers through your waves, and then hit the streets, and you’ll kinda know where we’re coming from.

Ice Cube: Black urban gentlemen, like rap star, Ice Cube, have dropped the dreads for the perfectly-groomed afro. This tiny version takes its famous “au naturel” counterpart out of the 60s and into 2016 without losing any pride or elegance.

Ritche Sambora: Just listen to us on this one; there’re not a lot of fifty-something males out there that believe multi-color hues could work for them. Well, if you really take a look at how Sambora owns his­ rock star tresses while on stage—we’ll just leave it at that.

David Beckham: This hair is just a badass mane that braces the margins between rock-star and gentleman, which is an attractive option for any guy looking to up their short game.

kit harrington photo
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Kit Harington: The Game of Thrones’ House Arryn has some serious man-curls going on, and actor, Kit Harington is responsible for them. So, why not forget the braids, and go for a 2016 low-maintenance perm that will surely turn some heads at the mall.

Orlando Bloom: This famous actor has successfully rocked the faux hawk for years now, and he’s a perfect example of what a guy can get if he blends his curly locks into a 2016 version of a Beckham faux hawk. It’s a tense style that most men want on top of their heads while clubbing.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt photo
Photo by gdcgraphics

Johnny Depp: Only Depp can pull off staying mainstream in elegant fashion after going from wavy long to shaggy-hair short—or maybe not. If you’re a man who owns his texture with his natural hold, your stylist should be able to shape you up in no time.

Joseph GordonLevitt: There is really not one name that can describe a Levitt hairstyle; so, let’s just describe what it is…a wavy mane with thick texture that is flawlessly coiffed with a messy side part all year round.

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