5 New Looks for Your Hair – OKC Hair Stylist

Medium length hair is the ideal choice for the early winter months. It’s easy to style.  It’s long enough that it can protect against the cold, but is short enough to stay healthy and shiny. If you plan to have medium length hair, please consider the styles listed below.  There are all kinds of modern hairstyles this season.

If you want to change something about yourself, why not consult your hairdresser and change your hair?  It’s cheaper than a nose job and grows out better, too.  Here are some of the most modern examples around. Consult a hairdresser.  She can help you form the best fit for your face and all you need is the courage to change!

No matter what, hairpieces and pony tails will not be ignored in this winter’s hairstyles.  Even those who don`t like change will be thrilled by these beautiful hairstyles for this fall and winter.

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1. Bohemian-hippy style- It has an exotic sound to it but is common enough that you won’t shock people.  This style has been made popular by the likes of Avril Lavigne.  Your stylist can apply heat protection to your hair and dry the hair partially. She can part the hair in the middle of the head and finish drying it with a special technique with a brush to give you a warm and short haired look. As your stylist shapes your hair, it should look a little wild. Ask for advice on how to apply hair spray consistently, based on your hair.

2. Ponytail- Have your hair straightened and gathered in a ponytail!   Ask your stylist to pull out one strand of hair and wrap it around the pony tail for an exquisite and sophisticated look.  Adding product to increase the glow will emphasize an ultra-sleek appearance. We recommend having nourishing treatment professionally applies for the hair before styling. Treatment keeps hair healthy and shiny.

3. The Wet Look-The appearance of “straight from the shower.” With a professional dry and part, this style will prepare you for a night out or social event.  Ask your hairstylist to apply this look for you, from top to bottom.

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4. “Country girl” look-This hairstyle is simple and natural–quickly and easily shaped. The style is achieved with unequal parting and all the hair collected over one shoulder. Lightly pushed-up hair gives volume and a ragged appearance. Ask your stylist to tighten the hair together in two or more places to give it an in-and-out flow.   She will then decide what to do with the bangs.  Ask if it is possible to sweep them across your forehead and fasten them in back.  This will give you a phenomenal look that is simple and gorgeous at the same time.

5. XXL bun or pin-up -Ask your stylist for a wash and see if they recommend towel dried hair and/or mouse. Your hairdresser can then completely dry your hair.  You can ask your stylist to give your hair an extra shine as well. Then she can curl your hair into a hairpiece high on your head or pin it. For short or thin hair, ask if she recommends the use of a ring dryer for volume.