Men’s Rockabilly Styles are Hot for 2012 – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

Retro looks are hot for 2012 and men’s hairstyles are no exception. One of the hottest looks seen on the runways of popular fashion designers is rockabilly hair. Rockabilly hair has its roots in the early rock days of the 50’s. These hairstyles have slicked back sides, high crowns and more often than not, duck tails in the back. Rockabilly hair may look complicated to style, but it’s actually fairly easy.

First start out with a great cut. Ask your stylist to keep the top longer than the sides and shorter on the sides and in the back. To get the height necessary for a true rockabilly style, you’ll need beeswax, pomade, and a comb. Apply pomade to towel dried hair. Apply some beeswax to the roots and bend over and blow dry your hair upside down. Concentrate on the roots and use your fingers to comb through your hair. Once your hair is dry, reapply some more pomade and comb your hair straight back, or create a middle or side part and comb it back. Use some more beeswax to form curls or rolls like the model in this picture.

What sets a rockabilly style apart from the quiff is neatness. Rockabilly styles are a bit less constructed than the quiff, yet are still neat and tailored. Pair this hairstyle with some black straight leg jeans, a white t-shirt, crepe sole shoes, and a black leather jacket. Another popular retro look is dark blue denim jeans rolled up to form a cuff with a bowling shirt. You may want to enlist the help of your stylist the first few times you try out this style so she can show you some tricks and tips on getting the real retro look. She can also give you recommendations for the right professional products to use to achieve one of the hottest look for 2012.

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