How to Fix Common Hair Problems – OKC Hairdresser

Lots of things can go wrong with your hair, but you don’t have to live with it! Most hair care problems can, in fact, be fixed, but not if you ignore them! The most common problems that women encounter with their hair are split ends, grey, and severe damage. If you’re tired of dealing with hair that’s less than perfect day after day, then it’s probably time to visit the salon.  You will be able to take advantage of your hair care expert’s knowledge and skill; they should be able to recommend how to repair the damage done to your hair.

Hair coloring
Hair coloring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though most hair problems can be fixed, keep in mind that the methods used to bring you hair back to normal again may not be what you expected. For example, if you have severely damaged hair from having repeatedly colored it or perhaps even permed it, then your stylist may recommend a short cut. A super-short cut would then allow you to get rid of all the split ends and damaged hair caused by over-coloring or other treatment. A super-short cut may not be the most appealing option, but it’s quite possible that it’s the only way to get your hair to grow out again and rebalance your look. Super-short hairstyles are also in style; women like Beyonce and Anne Hathaway are making headlines by wearing them with pride.

Greying hair is an obvious fix, although it’s wise to visit your stylist to get the best results from hair color. It may be cheaper to head to the grocery store to buy some hair dye, but often women aren’t able to cover all the grey and sometimes, unfortunately, the results are splotchy and unattractive. Rather than risk it, pay more to have your stylist do the job right. The color will turn out looking the way it’s supposed to look and you won’t miss spots. And best of all, the hair color your stylist uses probably won’t be as damaging on your hair as the stuff you would buy at the grocery store.

If you’re trying to grow your hair out, you may not want to cut a few inches of hair off to get rid of split ends, but guess what? If you don’t, your hair will probably just continue to break off anyway. Women with medium length to long hair need to get regular trims to keep split ends under control and by doing this, they can actually boost hair growth (or so it seems because the hair doesn’t break off as fast). Your stylist may be able to recommend a special treatment for your hair if you have trouble with split ends. Buy a hot oil treatment to deep condition several times after you get those nasty split ends cut off at the salon.