Permanent Beachy Waves without the Beach – Hair Stylist OKC

If you’ve ever noticed how great your hair looks after a day of basking in the sun at the beach, then it makes sense why you’d want to have permanent “beach hair”. Beachy waves don’t require a lot of effort or maintenance, which is what makes it so awesome for girls on the go. A Beach Wave perm can help you look your best every day without all the fuss of curling irons or salt water.

the-perfect-wave-hair-styling (Photo credit: …love Maegan)

You can only get a Beach Wave perm at a salon, so don’t go shopping for beach hair perming solution at the local grocery store. It’s a special formula that creates a subtle wave to your hair using special curling tools while the perm is processing. The solution is specially developed as well to create softness and a beachy “bounce”. The final result is a very soft, loose curl that’s very natural looking and easy to style. It doesn’t look at all like a traditional, tightly curled perm, but instead gives the look of natural waves.

The soft look of beach hair was the inspiration for this type of perm which makes use of soft foam blocks instead of rollers to create the loose waves that women everywhere envy. You can’t do this type of perm on your own at home, so you’ll need to talk to a stylist about how to achieve this ultra-sexy look. Obviously, you’ll need to have medium to long length hair to really get the most out of your beach style and ideally, your hair should be healthy to take advantage of this great look.

Not every stylist is qualified to give the beach wave perm, so you may need to shop around for this service. A specialized perming solution is used to get the right effect. Beachy hair perms are a relatively new development on the hair style scene so make sure you do your research before setting up an appointment for a perm at your local salon. Curls need to be set in the proper way to get the look of beach waves, otherwise you may not achieve the look you’re hoping for.

Of course, if a perm is too much of a commitment, you could always get yourself an arsenal of styling products and tools like different sized curling irons and salt water spray, but wouldn’t it be nice to get up every morning and enjoy long, loosely curled flowing locks? Though a perm may seem like something straight out of the 1980’s, the fact is, today’s chemical solutions are much kinder to hair and produce much more aesthetically pleasing results.